A.S.James is one of Australia’s leading independent geotechnical and environmental engineering organisations founded back in 1963, focusing on design and construction of foundations, retaining structures and systems that interact with soil and rock. Discover more about us.

Standard Penetration Testing (SPT) spoon, rods and casing securely strapped onto the back of one of our A.S.James rigs in preparation for a geotechnical investigation job. Learn more about us.

Our purpose

Building solid foundations to ensure the best results for a strong future.

Ben Cetinich and Rowan Surnam, both Lab and Field Technicians at A.S.James. Learn more about us.

Over 60 years experience

Established in 1963, and with extensive experience, A.S.James have been completing geotechnical and environmental investigations throughout Victoria and interstate for over 60 years.

Our geotechnical and environmental engineers deliver a wide range of ground investigation services, devise practical solutions and recommendations for our clients. Our team conduct investigations and provide reports, ensuring built structures, footing systems and pavements meet building requirements. Suitability of foundation systems and subgrade penetration are vital to the long-term strength and performance of any building/structure with the ability of the ground to support the development, together with movement tolerances and efficient construction methods.

Our services are backed by a dedicated team, providing expert investigations, tests and reports to understand the impact of what the geological formations may have on the design, construction of buildings, warehouses, residential dwellings, roads, tunnels, dams, bridges, water supply and sewage systems.

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About us - A.S.James is one of Australia's leading independent geotechnical and environmental engineering organisations founded back in 1963.

Fostering a Culture

A.S.James recognise the need and important of maintaining a safe and productive work environment, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Our Occupational Health and Safety policies and procedures adhere to OHS risk management, fostering a culture of safety and prevention, as well as promoting a sustainable positive approach and trust among stakeholders. Our objective is to identify and implement the necessary activities to eliminate workplace injuries in collaboration with our clients, in strict adherence to Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) requirements, prioritising the well-being of every worker.

Our compliance efforts hinges on consistently advancing our teams knowledge both on and off the field.  Our staff attend numerous training courses to update and maintain their skills and expertise.  All employees that engage with onsite work undergo the Construction Industry Induction Card process, as required by the Victorian Construction Industry Agreement.

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Our mission

Our mission is simple.
Solve the problems others avoid.

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