Plant and Equipment

Our plant and equipment make it possible to drill year-around, in all types of weather conditions.

Our A.S.James plant and equipment make it possible to drill year-around, in all types of weather conditions.
A.S.James Drillers conducting geotechnical services by extracting core samples by using rig auger to drill down into the soil located in Forest Hill, Melbourne.

Drilling Rigs

A.S.James owns, maintains and operates seven drill rigs (in total) to facilitate geotechnical and environmental investigations – critical machinery to penetrate into the earth and extract core geological formations.

Of the seven, five of which that are mounted drilling rigs equipped with facilities for NMLC diamond core drilling, wash boring and continuous flight augering. The additional two being smaller drilling rigs equipped for tighter access sites for site classifications, renovations, extensions, steep sites, wide access and difficulties.

Our plant and equipment can perform auger drilling in tight areas, or inside buildings, and can even meet specific needs for barge-mounted drilling locations over water.

Geotechnical Services

A.S.James plant and equipment comprises of many rigs, and this image being a 2012 Nissan Patrol with a fitted McCullochs Drill Rig on the back.


Our plant and equipment are inspected daily before leaving our depots via our operator prestart process. Any defects are tagged out of operation and reported via our maintenance software for our team to prioritise and get repaired.

Every 12 months, A.S.James ensure a comprehensive risk assessment of our plant and equipment to maintain compliance with OHS regulations and standards.  By conducting regular and thorough inspections, we not only adhere to legal requirements but also promote a culture of safety within the organisation.  A proactive approach to prevent accidents, minimize downtime and protect both our employees and assets. Additionally, keeping regular maintenance records on our plant and equipment supports continuous improvement and demonstrates our commitment to operational excellence and regulatory compliance.

Our drilling team put safety first and receive regular training to maintain their knowledge of safety, soil classification and drilling techniques. In addition, our drill crew obtain and maintain the licenses and certifications necessary to provide services for a large range of projects.

Safety and Quality

Capable of carrying out all types of Geotechnical and Environmental Investigations.